Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gone but not Forgotten

Remembering 9/11

Everyone I know, including myself remembers where they were when 9/11 happened... I was in my second period english of the 6th grade.  I remember no one telling us what was going on, but throughout thee day parents coming to pick up their kids.  I remember them asking that we all bow our heads for prayer.  I remember feeling helpless by 6th period when we found out what had actually happened.  I remember worrying about my uncle since he had a meeting there that day.  I remember so much.... But what I remember most is all those who lost their lives.  I try to appreciate those that did what they could to save lives, as well as those who comforted others when they knew there was nothing more that they could do in that moment.   We will always remember that day.

The Look:
Skin:   renzie - red cleavage bronze (Al Vulo)
Hair:   Tendency [Hud 3]  (Magika)
Shirt:   Basic Tucked Tank Grey  (Tee*fy)
Shorts:  American Girl Shorts  (-TartCake&YuMad-)
Nails: nail makeup (fingers) - French Teal         (alaskametro <3)
Shoes:  Hucci Uzza Pumps  - Corner Red          ( ::HUCCI:: )

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